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Jewels of Pashmin Art

After 30 years of experience as an art institution, we have “grown together” with some artists. Those artists now have a big name in the art market and act as the jewels of Pashmin Art.

Marketing & Advertising

Our Pashmin Fine Art artists have established themselves at international exhibitions and their works can be found in selected collections of top museums and private collections.

Marketing at a high level

There is art that deserves to stand a little brighter in the limelight. To ensure that works and collections of outstanding figureheads are held in high esteem, we have launched Pashmin Fine Art. Artists who are under contract with us have already shown in national and international exhibitions that their art is to be seen as a signpost for this and the coming generation. We support those artists who have creativity running through their veins on a professional level. We show their work in leading museums and exclusive private collections. In addition, trade magazines accompany the works of fine artists and thus pay tribute to their expressive power.

Exhibition Videos

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Nicole Majer
about PASHMIN ART | 2021

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Interview with Sophie Le Van Gong | VALENTINE EXHIBITION | 2022

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Hong Art Museum
Chongqing 2021, Opening

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it's about more than pure art

No artist wishes for the times back when nobility, clergy and wealthy citizens exerted great influence on creativity. But artistic freedom led to actors having to compete in the free market these days. Pashmin Art creates scope for them to concentrate on the essential – creating new projects. We are there for all tasks related to art marketing. We further position established artists on the art market. We give talented newcomers targeted support. The challenge is not only to align the work with the needs of the market, but also to leave a lasting art and thought legacy for the next generation. Whether international exhibitions, auctions, fairs or art events: Pashmin Art has been actively involved in the art market for more than 30 years. We have the necessary experience to recognize whether artists are promising talents, mayflies or newcomers with high potential. Our partners are also joined by players who already have a widely known name in the art scene. These do not only top the best lists at Pashmin Art.

Pashmin Art on YouTube

Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!

We are the art institution with vision and a global network.

Knowledge of backgrounds and references turns viewers from enthusiasts into connoisseurs. Museums not only show the developments of past eras, they also influence trends of the present. Exhibitions present multi-layered subject areas and provide deep insights into the scene. This is recognizable through our artists: we provide event organizers with collections that are unsurpassed in expressiveness and liveliness. The selected collections are themselves guests in renowned museums.


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