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We have published art books that contain high quality images of the artworks and critical texts. Here, we work closely with the artist to achieve a high standard of quality for both the printed images and the text.


Pashmin Art Publisher is an independent German publisher specializing in art and photography books. The areas covered by Pashmin Art include various categories of contemporary art and academic art books, accompanied in cooperation with various museums, curators and historians.


Pashmin Art Publisher is an independent publishing house under the umbrella of Pashmin Art Consortia. It specializes in publications in the fields of art, culture and photography. Furthermore, the spectrum includes regular publications of academic articles. Some of our editions are produced in cooperation with renowned museums, curators and historians. In addition, we have numerous exhibition catalogs in our program. They list presentations by artists who are primarily signed to Pashmin Art. Comprehensive art guides, which experts like to refer to, round off the range.

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Pashmin Art Publisher has been publishing sophisticated reference books since 2003. So far, more than 50 volumes have been published, with 7 to 10 new titles being added every year. The editions range between 1000 and 5000 copies. Our books are distinguished by their high quality. In addition to readable texts about art, artists and their works, there are expressive pictures on attractively designed pages. Professional photographers are responsible for the quality of the photographs. They often go into detail, giving readers deep insights behind the scenes. We only use modern printing processes and selected paper types that even the haptic perception creates a wow factor. This becomes clear from the stylishly bound illustrated books. The ratio of photographs, essays and explanations is just right. The aesthetic appeal and the information content are not neglected.

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Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!


We edit books, art guides, art catalogues and specialist literature primarily for the German-speaking countries. If there is a high demand in other countries, we also publish editions in foreign languages such as English, Italian and Chinese. All printed products can be obtained from online and booksellers by means of ISBN numbers. As far as content is concerned, the conception is the responsibility of experienced designers and media designers.

Artists are our preferred sources of information, but contributions are also produced in close collaboration with leading galleries and museums. Historians, critics and patrons also contribute to the content. Because we are an independent publisher, we do not mince words. When appropriate, we also take a critical approach to topics. If you want to know more about art, then Pashmin Art Publisher is the right choice for you.


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