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The goal of this platform is to professionally promote newly discovered up-and-coming artists to share their talents as transparently as possible to our worldwide network.

Multilingual Performance

Pashmin Art Emerging is a trilingual platform in English, German and Chinese for combining art from different genres and nations.


Pashmin Art specializes in art marketing. The focus is on the successful positioning of actors on all channels. Our platform, which has been specially designed for this purpose, is an important tool. Emerging is aimed primarily at up-and-coming artists. On the other hand, there are many people interested in art who often and gladly visit our online offer. They contribute significantly to raising the profile of artists and their work.

Exhibition Videos

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Alexander Dik, Germany

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Wang Shaojun, China

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Nicole Majer, Germany

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Art connects nations and cultures: Our aim is to give newcomers in particular a helping hand and enable them to get off to a successful start in the international art business. Whether paintings, sculptures or installations: We present art of various genres. Trends are represented that arouse interest and meet the spirit of the times. Our network comes from all parts of the world, so we have made Emerging multilingual. Content is available in German, English and Chinese. Currently, more than 5000 emerging artists presenting around 100,000 exhibits. The attractive mix of styles is also very popular with art lovers, and there are always new works to admire. All the artists listed on Pashmin Art not only present themselves through their works, each also has an informative profile. These provide information about the person as well as about the deeper meaning of individual exhibits or collections. Sometimes visitors also get deep insights behind the scenes.

Pashmin Art on YouTube

Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!


As a creator of art, you can count on the professional support of Pashmin Art. We have worldwide connections that act like a catapult in terms of art marketing. Your creativity becomes part of a global network, and the appreciation of your projects is almost automatic. All processes run efficiently and transparently. But in the digital world, art presentation is only one pillar of our multi-layered services. We also show art at fairs and events, and our five galleries are equally suitable. If your works are distinctive and expressive, being exhibited at renowned international museums are also a possibility. As you can see, Pashmin Art works on exactly those aspects that really matter. Perhaps one day your work will be listed in the renowned Art Compass. Contact us for an appointment. It’s worth it.


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