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Art is our bridge among continents!
"Art is the only visual language that needs no translation."
We focus on the American, Asian and European art markets.
"We take art to all the art capitals of the world."
Art outreaches people. Art makes changes. Art makes connections.
"For more than 30 years, we have been dedicated to art and cultural understanding and are represented in renowned museums and art centers."
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Art consulting with passion

There is no geographical border that prevents us from expanding our activities in the field of art. We see ourselves as art consultants and cultural ambassadors, building bridges between countries and nationalities. Pashmin Art, founded by Nour Nouri in 1990, started its activities in the art market by exhibiting works of German artists and has continuously expanded to include artists from different countries.

PASHMIN ART CONSORTIA has expanded its activities with fairs, museums, galleries, art magazines, publishing art books. Art marketing also includes the field of art investment, consulting private collectors, companies and foundations. All these art management activities together form an all-encompassing international network open to artists from all countries.

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What is Pashmin Art Consortia?

Pashmin Art, alongside other art activities, runs galleries in Europe (Hamburg) and China (Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing). The locations in China and Germany are designed and selected in special areas for the art lovers with their own group of art collectors and buyers.

What is Pashmin Art Gallery?

Pashmin Art Gallery operates four galleries in Europe and China. The main gallery is located in Hamburg (Germany), and its branches are active in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing. Campaigns for each gallery are made well in advance of each exhibition. Each gallery exhibition is curated by art experts and renowned art critics who compose articles and reviews about the shows, give lectures, and provide first-hand information on location.

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What is Pashmin Art Management?

Pashmin Art Management is an art agency that combines your artistic talent with commercial success. It communicates the message of your art to art collectors and art enthusiasts nationally and internationally. What does sustainable art marketing mean? It means establishing your vision and artworks on the international art market. It is our collective goal! We create a foundation for further art marketing by building a bridge between different nations and cultures. 

What is Pashmin Art Emerging?

Pashmin Art Emerging is a trilingual platform in English, German and Chinese combining art from different genres and nations. This website is open to all emerging artists who want to share their works with different cultures and art lovers around the globe.

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What is Pashmin Art Circulation?

The goal of the circulating exhibitions is to build bridges between different cultures, open new perspectives, and make visions come true.

Pashmin Art Circulation is the collaboration with various art museums and fairs to present large group exhibitions in numerous locations on three continents for cross-cultural purposes. 

What is Global Art Magazine?

Global Art Magazine (GAM) is an online magazine based in Hamburg, Germany. Since January 1, 2008, the magazine has been published bilingually in English and German on the web. It cooperates with various renowned institutions, including art fairs, auction houses, galleries, etc.

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What is Pashmin Art Publisher?

Pashmin Art Publisher is an independent German publishing house specializing in art and photography books. Pashmin Art Publisher covers numerous areas, including various categories of contemporary art and academic art books produced with the cooperation of many museums, curators, and historians. 

What is Pashmin Fine Art?

Our Pashmin Fine Art artists have established themselves at international exhibitions, and their works are included in exclusive collections of top museums and private collectors. After 30 years of experience as an art institution, we have “grown together” with some of our clients.

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Pashmin art focuses on contemporary art and presents virtually every genre: painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, video installation, digital art, and others. An art fair is where direct contact between art enthusiasts, collectors, and institutions can be established quickly. With regard to artist marketing, art fairs are among the most important venues. 



Head Office:
Pashmin Art Gallery
Gotenstr. 21 
20097 Hamburg, Germany

Bad Tölz

Head Office:
Pashmin Art Gallery
Saeggasse 7
83646 Bad Tölz, Germany


Pashmin Art Gallery Shanghai
Sheshan Mountain Yinhu Villa
No. 168, Phase 1, Lane 888
Sichen Road, Shanghai, China


No. 330 North Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China


Heald Avenue 6 college
Chongqing, China

Artists' testimonials

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Artists' Testimonials

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to exhibit here at Pashmin Art Gallery. I am overwhelmed by the gallery and that I could show my pictures.”


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