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Global Art Magazine is not bound to institutions and is free to choose which editorial articles to publish in its coverage, whether it is a large or small exhibition – what matters is the quality and content.

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The bilungual Global Art Magazine provides important news about the art world – both nationally and internationally.

Multifaceted guide to art and culture

Global Art Magazine covers the whole world of art. News from the national and international scene is reported in detail. Interesting articles about exhibitions, art auctions and fairs are part of the program. Experts who have an idea of the subject matter have their say, and actors provide deep insights behind the scenes.

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Alexander Dik, Germany

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Wang Shaojun, China

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Nicole Majer, Germany

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Up to date in detail

Global Art Magazine is based in Hamburg. The best conditions, because the Hanseatic city has been one of Europe’s cosmopolitan cultural centers for centuries. Since January 2008, GAM has been published bilingually in English and German. Online magazines dealing with art and culture are a dime a dozen. At GAM, however, there is news that really matters. Articles about galleries have a section as well as art reviews, auction announcements, event and literature tips.

The art calendar lists all relevant dates of the scene, about coming meeting highlights readers are in the best way informed. Numerous media such as video contributions, slide shows and virtual tours complete the offer. The online presence is updated daily. Global Art Magazine reports independently and objectively, the journal is not bound to any institution. The editorial team alone decides which articles are to be published. The editorial team consists of qualified employees, most of whom are at home in the art scene.

Pashmin Art on YouTube

Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!

Read by connoisseurs, appreciated by experts

Global Art Magazine is aimed at art connoisseurs and all those who want to become one. It is worthwhile to look in every day. Here you will find gripping topics by various authors. If you are not willing to compromise on quality, GAM is the right choice for you. The information content is high. Renowned institutions, fair organizers, auction houses, galleries and artists contribute to the enormous added value. Global Art Magazine is one step ahead of the times, the online offering knows how to operate interculturally. But what would a journal be without key players? The editorial team is always on the lookout for exciting articles. If you are an artist and want to step out of anonymity into the public eye, contact GAM. If the conditions are right, a large audience awaits you. New possibilities of art marketing open up – beyond all borders.


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