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Contours of Creativity Group – Exhibition in Bad Tölz, September 2023

The Pashmin Art Gallery was pleased to present an extraordinary exhibition entitled “Contours of Creativity: Exploring Artistic Journeys and Transformative Visions”, which shows the fascinating works of the three renowned artists Gerd Rehme, Silke von Clarmann and Jürgen Haffa. From 9 September 2023 to 17 October 2023 takes place in the branch of the Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz.

“Contours of Creativity” invites art lovers on a fascinating journey through diverse forms of artistic expression and transformative visions. The exhibition brings together the extraordinary talents of Gerd Rehme, Silke von Clarmann and Jürgen Haffa, who are known for their unique artistic style and thought-provoking stories.