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Visions and Thresholds, LSM.LV 2023

Visions and Thresholds, LSM.LV 2023

Three representatives of Latvian contemporary art – Sigita
Daugule, Vineta Kaulača and Māris Čačka – have joined
for the international exhibition “Visions and
thresholds”. The exhibition will be on view at Hamburg’s Pashmin
art gallery in Hamburg from 4 February to 25 February, and is
designed to highlight different approaches and understandings of
of painting, while at the same time attempting to respond to current
questions about what painting means today,
the artists’ representatives said.
The works of all three artists in “Visions and Thresholds” reveal
the diversity of perception, inviting the visitor
to indulge in a visual and conceptual experience that
the nature of the respective artist’s paintings
individual choices and creative approaches
diversity, as well as the ability to accept and address them as contemporary,
as well as timeless issues. This collection of Latvian artists
group exhibition also continues to sustain a conversation that
in the international art scene about painting
relevance in the context of contemporary art.
The Latvian curator of the exhibition “Visions and Thresholds” is
Pāvels Terentjevs with co-curator Natalia Nouri from
“This international exhibition is a great event, because I believe that
we will be able to create interest in the international arena
contemporary art and breathe a new breath of appreciation into it.
One of our local family of artists
most important task is to make a name for ourselves internationally, which,
of course, is much more powerful when it is done in a creative team,
where very different, but at the same time
individually strong handwritings, which immediately
as a nation of artists than if
an artist spreads his creative wings solo
in a solo performance,” explained one of the authors of
Māris Čačka.
The painter and art historian Sigita Daugule is
studied at the Art Academy of Latvia, where she
Master of Arts degree from Indulis Zariņš and Aleksei
Naumovs Monumental Painting Master Class.
In 2010 Daugule became the first Latvian representative,
Daugavė was the first Latvian to be awarded an artist residency
“Quartier 21” fellowship in the Vienna Museum Quarter.
She has held more than 30 solo exhibitions,
including in Latvia, Austria and Germany. She has participated in more
More than 70 group exhibitions, including in Slovenia, Sweden,
Belgium, South Korea, Poland. Daugule’s paintings are
Daugaule is in the collection of the Latvian National Museum of Art,
“Swedbank” Contemporary Art Collection, Daugavpils
Mark Rothko Art Centre and the Zuzāns Collection,
Luciano Benetton Collection at Imago Mundi in Italy, as well as
private collections in Latvia, other European countries and the USA.
The artist Vineta Kaulača has a Master’s degree in
Art Academy of Latvia. She studied at the Berlin
University of Berlin, Department of Visual Communication and
Photography and
Painting Departments. Kaulača is a member of the Irish Modern Art
Museum Artist Residency Programme
and is a recipient of the Arts Council England International
Fellowship to participate in art projects in the UK. She
has held 26 solo exhibitions in Latvia and abroad,
She has participated in more than 80 group exhibitions in Latvia and
abroad, including the USA, the United Arab Emirates,
Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, France, Lithuania,
UK, Finland, Germany. Works by Vineta Kaulača
are in important public collections in Latvia
National Museum of Art, Federculture in Italy,
European Parliament Collection in Belgium, the US Embassy in
Art in Embassies”, Luciano Benetton
“Imago Mundi”, the Zuzani Collection, Swedbank
contemporary art collection and many others.
The artist and the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre
Māris Čačka holds a Master of Arts degree from the
and Doctor of Pedagogy degree from Daugavpils
University. Čačka is the head of the SIVIA association in Daugavpils and is
member of the “Graphic Chamber”. His works
has been exhibiting his works since 1997 in Latvia, Belarus and Lithuania,
Italy, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine and Poland. More
more than ten solo exhibitions, including “Defined and
Undefined Dialogues” at Dubulti Art Station (2018),
“Dialogues in the Present” at Daugavpils Regional Research and
Art Museum (2021), and “Neurotaciņas” at Riga Art
Space (2022). The works are in the Latvian National Museum of Art
Museum collection and other museum collections, as well as
private collections in Latvia and other European countries.
About Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg
“Pashmin Art Gallery specialises in contemporary
art. “The Pashmin Art Gallery is located in four
Hamburg (Germany), Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing
(China). Curators at all art galleries
solo and group exhibitions depicting
contemporary issues.
Sigita Daugule, Vineta Kaulača, Maris Čačka

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