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Visions and Thresholds 2023

Visions and Thresholds 2023

The exhibition “Visions and Thresholds” features works by three Latvian artists – Sigita Daugule, Vineta Kaulača and Maris Čačka – at Hamburg’s Pashmin Kunsthalle. The event will be shown until February 25 and curated by Pavel Terentjevs from Latvia and Natalia Nuri from Germany. The artists use the potential of painting to lead visitors to a visual and conceptual experience and to reflect on the role of contemporary painting in today’s art world. Sigita Daugule uses a layering process that involves applying paint, modeling paste, layers of varnish, and pigments to the canvas. Vineta Kaulača’s works deal with perception and its relativity, while Maris Čačka has developed her own language of shapes and colors. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to experience the blurring of boundaries and the inexhaustible diversity of the art world.

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