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The color games of the artist Kalchie – 2023

The color games of the artist Kalchie – 2023

The artist Kalchie feels a deep longing for colors, which she carries inside her for a long time before she puts them on the canvas. If the urge is suppressed, she is haunted by a great sadness. Her creativity is at its peak during the deep nights when she descends into her own somnambulistic world and allows herself to merge with her colors.

Her intensely colorful works have left the Swiss art space and have already been shown to an international audience at the Art Beijing 2022 art fair and the Archive Art Museum Beijing. Now the Pashmin Art Gallery Bad Tölz cordially invites you to get to know Kalchie’s color games in a two-week solo exhibition and to get involved in Kalchie’s spiritual art world.


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