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Symbolic Power – Süddeutsche Zeitung – September 2022

Symbolic Power – Süddeutsche Zeitung – September 2022

For two months now, Bad Tölz has been enriched by an interesting address: At Säggasse 7, the Pashmin Art Gallery has welcomed the international art world – in a casual and uncomplicated way. This is primarily thanks toDaniel Fuchs, for whom the Hamburg gallery wanted to create an exhibition opportunity in his adopted home. “I now know a lot of really good people here,” says Fuchs, and you can take his word for it – and not just because a couple from across the street happens to be greeting him happily. The response to the opening exhibition with his unique wooden reliefs was ideal, he says. “People came in curious and went out amazed.” A visit should prove worthwhile in the coming weeks as well. Works by Günther Uecker, Wang Shaojun and Natalja Nouri are on display in Säggasse until Oct. 22 – “Symbolic Art – From East to West” is the title of the show.

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