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Pashmin Art Gallery I An art school project on the theme of

Pashmin Art Gallery I An art school project on the theme of

School project: Art at school
Interactive and integrative encounters

Moderne Schule Hamburg is one of the schools that teaches a large number of children with foreign roots.

After our discussion with the school headmaster Mr. Bayer, we believe that the future of our society – which is in the hands of children – should be promoted with cultural togetherness through art, with the aim of respecting and accepting the different cultures.

We propose the following project:
Within the framework of our project “interactive and integrative encounters” in cooperation with the Moderne Schule Hamburg, children or pupils from all grades should experience how a work of art is created and contribute to it themselves.

To this end, we have invited a pop art young artist (Niko Nikolaidis) – himself with a migration background – who will work with the pupils over a certain period of time to help create his art in his own way. The pupils can bring in their own thematic interpretation on the theme of interactive and inclusive encounters. This means that the students will actively participate from the idea to the realisation of this artwork. For this project, the use of walls outside the school is planned, so that the resulting artworks will be long-lasting and sustainable for the school as a sign of integration.

Here is a video about an art school project at the Modern School Hamburg on the theme of “integration”.

Organised by Pashmin Art Gallery.