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On the 32nd anniversary of Pashmin Art Consortia

On the 32nd anniversary of Pashmin Art Consortia

For more than 32 years, Pashmin Art Consortia has been building artistic bridges between different countries and cultures. Nour Nouri, the director, initially started his activities in 1990 with exhibitions of German artists*, from which his art management department (Pashmin Art Management) emerged, combining artistic talent with commercial success. The art company has various departments, including 5 galleries in Hamburg, Bad Tölz, Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing (Pashmin Art Gallery), a bilingual online art magazine (Global Art Magazine), which publishes publications on art, culture, philosophy and history, as well as providing a platform for emerging artists (Pashmin Art Emerging Artist).

The in-house publishing house (Pashmin Art Publisher) offers artists the production of high-quality art books and catalogs. With numerous exhibitions in renowned art centers, museums and art fairs in the United States, Europe and China, Pashmin Art Consortia has contributed greatly to the East-West dialogue. The series of major traveling exhibitions in contemporary art museums represents another area of action (Pashmin Art Circulation), as well as the Pashmin Fine Art area, which introduces established artists* to the European art scene. The “Pashmin Art Shop”, the new online art sales platform, will open soon.

Pashmin Art Consortia offers all artists the opportunity to establish their art on the international art market. The professional team consists of art critics, art historians, art investment consultants as well as sales and media planners, who work together to achieve sustainable art marketing and provide a suitable project for each art form.

Source: Parnass