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Niko Nikolaidis – New Presse – 2022

Niko Nikolaidis – New Presse – 2022

Six years ago his success story began in Hanover, now artist Niko Nikolaidis (31) is leaving his home and moving to Cologne. But there are more changes in his life: He wants to remain silent for nine months.
Langenhagen.At the meeting with the press, there are still the paintings of Niko Nikolaidis (31) in the 300 square meter Langenhagen studio. One next to the other, colorful, the floor as sprinkled as the hands of the artist. His works of art have changed over the years. Instead of skulls and dollar signs, his paintings now show more depth. They are more abstract, one recognizes DNA strands, halos, angel wings. One of Hanover’s most successful artists, who had his breakthrough in his early 20s, has grown up and developed further. Or: “I have awakened,” as he says himself. But more about that later. Because now his next stage of development is about to begin.

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