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Lionel Machris in L’Eventail – Issue May 2023

Lionel Machris in L’Eventail – Issue May 2023

The Alchemy of Art:
Lionel Machris’ Exploration of Gold in Contemporary Art
Dr. Davood Khazaie
(Literary Art Critic and International Curator)

Lionel Machris, an artist of myriad talents with passions spanning painting, sculpture, and photography, has etched a singular path in the art world, captivating critics and aficionados alike. Drawing upon the opulent history of gold in art, Machris has crafted a modern interpretation of this ancient medium, infusing his work with a renewed depth and radiance. In this article, we delve into the life and artistic odyssey of Lionel Machris, exploring his enchantment with gold and its impact on his distinctive creations. Furthermore, we examine the sociological inquiry into the singularity of cultural creativity, as Machris’ work transcends context and contributes to the ever-evolving dialogue between art and society.

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