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Since October 22, the sculpture group “Guards” of the artist Helga Kreuzritter guards the outside area of the Augustinum in Meersburg at Lake Constance. The guards fit very well to the current exhibition “Gefühl” , which was also opened on October 22 by Mr. Nour Nouri, the director of the Pashmin Art Gallery and Mr. Richard Rheindorf the director of the Augusitnum. Mr. Nour Nouri accompanies the artist
Artist Helga Kreuzritter for over ten years and has exhibited her art nationally and internationally. The sculpture group “Guardians” was commissioned several years ago by Helga Kreuzritter as a bronze casting. The idea for this arose in preparation for an exhibition in the Schwedensspeicher Museum Stade. For the casting 1:1 model she had made was used. Guardians embody power and strength. In the abstract form chosen by Helga Kreuzritter, they symbolize security, peace, freedom and safety. All feelings, by which Augustinum Residenz also especially Augustinum Meersburg is characterized. The following is an excerpt from the address by Dr. Peter Schütt: “Helga Kreuzritter’s works of art are peculiar, they take some getting used to. They follow no school, no fashion, no market, no doctrine and no rope line. They stand
for themselves, they speak for themselves. She found her motifs and themes not least in the critical examination of social conditions in the years of the German economic miracle, but her works point beyond the time of their creation and become parables, signs, reflections of human weaknesses that are only too well understood in other cultural circles.
Some works may seem rather inconspicuous at first glance, as if they wanted to hide their higher meaning from the viewer at first, but the aha effect is all the greater, when one finally gets to know the artist after a closer look.

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