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GLOBAL ART MAGAZINE – Interview with HR GIGER – 2012

GLOBAL ART MAGAZINE – Interview with HR GIGER – 2012

On the occasion of the major HR Giger retrospective in Hamburg’s “Fabrik der Künste”, Global Art Magazine met the epoch-making artist HR Giger as well as the curators of the exhibition, Marco Witzig and Horst Werner.
The life’s work of the world-famous surrealist already deserves to be examined retrospectively. Even Giger’s early work continues to be topical and innovative, containing the artist’s (then) visions of the future, which can now be seen partly as a realm of our reality and partly as the artist’s subjective but not delusional foresight.
The exhibition looks back at extraordinary works of fantastic realism from the HR Giger and Marco Witzig collections. The exhibits offer an overview and insight into the creative period of the Swiss-born artist from the early 1960s to the turn of the millennium.
Throughout these 40 creative years of the interior designer, graphic artist, furniture designer, sculptor, painter, draughtsman, filmmaker, set and costume designer, the theme of “biomechanoids” – a term specially developed by the artist to designate the unity of technology and mechanics – runs.
the unification of technology and mechanics with the natural world. The second thematic constant is the “Alien” life form, which the artist created himself and which served as a model for the classic film of the same name. In 1980, HR Giger was awarded the Oscar in the category “Best Achievement for Visual Effects” as the scenic and costume designer for the film “Alien” (1979).

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