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The exhibition ”Man and his Symbols, a Step into Coherence” features works by four artists from four countries, Nille Bech (Denmark), Birdy Tg (France), Nick Coley (England) and Eva-Lena Martinson (Sweden). The title of this exhibition comes from Carl Gustav Jung’s influential book Man and his Symbols. From the moment we are born, we are overwhelmed by signs and symbols. These influence us directly and indirectly. Usually a sign is specific to one purpose, while it may have other associations, but a symbol is itself and something else at the same time. It is quite broad and has different meanings in different societies. Every symbol is a key to understanding the world. Art in general and visual art in particular can be seen as the outpouring of the unconscious through the conscious. In other words, each person is differentiated not only by genes and fingerprints, but also by dreams. The unconscious uses its symbolic language and dreams are the doors to the unconscious. Therefore, the symbols implemented in dreams can reveal certain truths about the human psyche and bridge to a form of mental integrity. Modern man suffers psychically because his mind is dissociated and has lost its coherence. The cure for this deep immersion in a state of profound meaninglessness and alienation for people in the modern world is to find a personal symbol, myth and meaning for individual life that will bring the total psyche to a sense and permanence for the cosmos.

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