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On March 16, 2019, Pashmin Art Gallery celebrated the opening of the solo exhibition Schiele Revistited with the works of Austrian artist Patrick Bubna-Litic. In the Exhibition Bubna-Litic presented his new series of nude paintings and special tribute to Egon Schiele. The following is an excerpt from the speech of the gallery curator Zahra Hasson: 100 years lie between the drawings of Egon Schiele and Patrick Bubna-Litic. 1918 is the year of the death of four of the most important artists of Viennese modernism: the architect Otto Wagner, the universal artist Koloman Moser and the painters Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. All four left a lasting mark on an era that came to an end with the First World War. Schiele’s unsparing preoccupation with the individual, with the self, was the necessary prelude to the 20th century. Bubna-Litic is fascinated by the Austrian master’s expressionism and draws inspiration from it in his own work. “Schiele Revisited” was a matter close to his heart. Therefore it is not surprising that Patrick Bubna-Litic dedicated his artistic year 2018 almost exclusively to the artist Egon Schiele. The result is over 100 drawings and paintings; 20 of which we show here in this exhibition. In all the selected exhibits, the body- mostly as a nude- is the focus. Thus, the focus is on one’s own person, one’s own life, one’s own memory, one’s own feelings and also on this production, which in the end comes from the innermost part of the artist.

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