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Hamburg, opening on 23.09.) On 23.09. Pashmin Art Galerie and celebrated the opening of the exhibition Heimat with the works of the artists Cornelia Regine Prawitt, Erhard Wortmann, Jakob Reh and Andreas Reis. The following is an excerpt from the speech by gallery curator Zahra Hasson: “There is no general definition for the term Heimat. But we can probably all agree on one thing: home has to do with traditions, memories, with the invisible roots of each individual, which offer support and orientation and clarity in a world that has become confusing. Home is about what connects us, about community and cohesion. About something unspoken, almost invisible. The exhibition shows obvious scenes of home, like the landscape paintings of the artist Andreas Reis. It shows the invisible sense of a homeland that Ms. Prawitt expresses in her
paintings awakens in us through memories, colors. The paintings of the young artist Jakob Reh remind us of his homeland: Russia. Erhard Wortmann paints constructively open about the family and the South. The artists examine the location of man in and to his environment and to himself.

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