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From Nov. 20, 2017 to Jan. 8, 2018, the Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg will show selected
works under the title “Harmony”. The exhibition was opened on 18.11.2017 by Mr. Nour
Nouri with the first presentation of the light organ in Europe by Svetoslav Karparov
and the workshop Atmani opened. In parallel, the exhibition Harmony is held in the
Pashmin Art Gallery Shanghai, where the light organ has already been very well received.
received a great deal of interest. The following is an excerpt from the opening speech in Hamburg by Ms. Zahra Hasson:
“The selected exhibits have been put together in such a way that they have been brought to a level
and yet retain their “identity” as individual works, thus surprising and at the same time
surprise and delight the viewer at the same time. The exhibition aims to show the
not only to visualize the commonalities in art, but also to make it possible to experience them
senses. Thus, the works are juxtaposed in an ideal relationship, mostly with the respective idea,
idea of symmetry, proportions, material, technique and implementation. Each of the here
exhibited artists manages to create its own harmony in the picture or to implement the
to implement the idea of harmony pictorially.”

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