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On 07. 11. 2019 at 7 pm was held in Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg the vernissage for the year-end exhibition with the works of the artists Evelyn Bermayer, Verena Kloos, Branka Lugonja and the artist Jörg Bollin. The artist Evelyn Bermayer paints abstractly. She abstracts what she sees and brings it with color form and surface on the canvas. In doing so, she not only paints what she sees, but expresses her sensations, creating an unmistakable atmosphere of her own. The bright colors of her works are not to be overlooked. The artist Verena Kloos is an observer. A keen observer. On her travels she does not photograph sights, people. Rather, it is the small inconspicuous scenes that she discovers by chance on the street or when passing by. She is not only interested in a motif that she wants to capture in a painterly way, but rather in an imprint that she does not let pass by without capturing it. The artist Branka Lugonja paints with glass. She masters the fragile material and transforms it into colorful large-scale light installations. By using artificial light, she creates a magical landscape, a universe that shines in the dark. To achieve this unique result, the artist experiments a lot and works with an oven-shaped technique. Branka paints and decorates the glass with paint, metal and oxides. When these elements are melted between two layers of glass up to 900 degrees Celsius, a chemical reaction occurs. Colors can change into other colors. they can fade; turn black; form unwanted large and small air bubbles.

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