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FPC III – Feminine Power on Canvas – Group Exhibition in Hamburg, July 2023

FPC III – Feminine Power on Canvas – Group Exhibition in Hamburg, July 2023

Pashmin Art Gallery is proud to present the highly anticipated exhibition, “Feminine Power on Canvas III,” featuring the captivating works of Birgitta Hall, Annina Laely, Stella Tsianios, and Tanja Ulrich. Curated by Natalja Nouri, this exhibition promises to be a visual feast of artistic expression, celebrating the strength and creativity of female artists.

The participating artists each bring their unique style and perspective to the exhibition. Birgitta Hall, known for her abstract geometric artworks with curved images, will captivate viewers with her intricate compositions. Annina Laely, an abstract artist inspired by nature, will transport audiences with her powerful and expressive use of color and light. Stella Tsianios, a figurative artist, will mesmerize viewers with her realistic and emotive depictions of the human and animal forms. Tanja Ulrich, with her figurative fantastic mermaids, will evoke a sense of wonder and imagination through her ethereal compositions.

Natalja Nouri, the curator of the exhibition, has expertly selected artworks that not only celebrate femininity but also showcase the diverse talents of these exceptional artists.

“Feminine Power on Canvas III” not only celebrates the talent and creativity of these remarkable artists but also fosters a greater appreciation for the contribution of women in the art world. Their artworks, born from diverse inspirations and realized through different techniques, serve as a testament to the power of female artists to captivate, inspire, and evoke emotions.
The exhibition will run till 21. July, providing ample opportunity for visitors to experience the dynamic and thought-provoking works on display.