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In addition to “still life” and “landscape”, the topic “figure and space” is part of the classic genre of visual art. It is a tension relationship of a special kind, which can be found in many cases, for example in the portrait picture or in figure compositions.

The physical shape of the human being plays a central role in this interaction. It has been one of the oldest subjects in art, literally since Adam and Eve, and remains the focus of many visual artists to this day. In addition to the anatomically exact presentation of the human body, the original motif is varied in many ways, pointed to certain statements or reduced to the essentials. Many artists use the figure to assign a certain symbolism to it.

An important element is the space in which the figure stands, lies or sits. It is a space that exists in the picture, regardless of whether it is painted, only hinted at, or even completely omitted – and yet the space is there.

The artists in this exhibition show their individual engagement with the subject of “Figure and Space” in drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. The meeting of these different art movements in one room – in the atmosphere of a space – is an important feature that comes to light when looking at the individual objects. The drawings appear different in the artist’s portfolio than framed in a gallery. The sculpture also changes and creates a new space and a new presence.