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Daniel Fuchs’ – Erhebung – at Greizer Schlossmuseum

Daniel Fuchs’ – Erhebung – at Greizer Schlossmuseum

The Pashmin Art artist Daniel Fuchs opened his four-week exhibition featuring his marvelous wooden creations in his hometown of Greiz. On April 1st, the vernissage took place at the Upper Castle of the Greiz Museum, captivating the audience in the crowded Fürstensaal (Hall of Princes). The artful evening was accompanied by our esteemed actress and lecturer, Christine Adler, who charmingly interviewed the artist on stage.

Daniel Fuchs handed over his artwork “Heimat” with touching words to the museum director, Rainer Koch, and Mayor Alexander Schulze, saying, “So that something of me remains when I am not in Greiz.”