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Chongqing: Bridge Capital Of China

Chongqing: Bridge Capital Of China

Chongqing is the largest metropolis of the world. It is roughly as large as Austria. Pashmin Art Consortia is the leading art organization in Chongqing, Beijing and Shanghai. In spring of 2020, Pashmin Art Consortia organized and opened the largest art exhibition in the history of the metropolis. Pashmin Art tries to bridge the caps between nations by art. This philosophy perfectly matches the nature of this city of bridges.

Chongqing is located in western China at the end of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. The region of Chongqing also includes several mountain ranges.
Part of Chongqing’s early development as an economic center of China is due to its geographic location on large rivers. The city is intersected by the Jialing River as well as the Yangtze River. This location allowed the city to develop into easily accessible manufacturing and trading center. The municipality of Chongqing is divided into several different subdivisions for local administrations.

The climate of Chongqing is considered humid subtropical and it has four distinct seasons. Summers are very hot and humid while winters are short and mild. The average August high temperature for Chongqing is 92.5 F (33.6 C) and the average January low temperature is 43 F (6 C).