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BLONDEMONKEY in L’Eventail – Issue March 2023

BLONDEMONKEY in L’Eventail – Issue March 2023

Dr. Peter Schütt

BLONDEMONKEY: This unusual name is, of course, a stage name, a pseudonym that leads the viewer astray. During my first conversation with the idiosyncratic artist, Goethe’s motto from his artistic drama “Torquato Tasso” immediately came to mind: “A talent forms in silence.” When asked about his captivating artworks, he is extremely taciturn, if not silent. However, he has no reason to hide behind his work. On the contrary, his artistic talent, with 32 years of life behind it, seems simply phenomenal and endowed with qualities.

According to reports, he is an extremely self-taught individual. He did not attend an art school and therefore had no formal artistic education. In his free time, he is an enthusiast of water sports in various disciplines, ranging from rowing to swimming. These athletic activities not only give him momentum but also provide impulses for his artistic production. He owes his talent and creativity to his mother, who worked on abstract collages in a small shed and used them to decorate the walls of their home. It was she who early on motivated her young son to do the same and give free rein to his imagination. He experienced his most beautiful and formative period as a brilliant and curious child in the years 1997 and 1998, thanks to the discovery of nature and Spanish culture with his mother.

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