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Peter Backhaus was born in 1947 in Germany. In 1968 he emigrated to Sweden where he studied philosophy, psychology and art. In Gothenburg he had his own art school. For Backhaus’ painting is survival. To keep sanity. Trauma Work. His paintings are internal images. They don’t tell about everyday life, temporary feelings or experiences from an external reality. They come from a level beyond time and space, beyond the personal ego, where complete stillness and total chaos coexist. They are like layers in the archetypal landscape, which are deep inside of each person regardless culture or color. Backhaus’ art wants to unite differences and spread optimism regarding the human psyches ability to bring about change in the same way art has helped him to process his personal German history. His artwork has been shown in different Swedish and German galleries and museums. Since 2079, he is represented internationally by Pashmin Art and has participated in numerous museum exhibitions in China.

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