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For a long time, industrial culture has led a shadowy existence in the visual arts. Mainly photography has already increasingly made friends with the modern industrial skyscrapers or has become accustomed to the contrasting old-fashioned factory buildings including technical equipment, which can be found in industrial areas, production plants and other technically skilled workshops. Industrial culture is not mainstream, but the view on abandoned assembly rooms and factory halls as well as on empty industrial complexes makes the special forms and structures – also the industry-specific technical and structural material, by means of quite individual perspectives experiencable. We do not find the idealized beautiful world here – on the contrary: it is the hard realistic everyday life, which normally also confronts us with dirt, grime, decay, hard work – which is also reflected in the buildings or also in the tired, worn-out faces of workers. Nevertheless, there is also the trained eye of the artist, who discovers an inherent aesthetic here, but which is more likely to be experienced in the quiet times and non-working periods, late evenings or early mornings. It is a beauty that is entirely self-referential and already unfolds its effect situationally. Here hard
material, such as steel or iron, grows beyond itself and suddenly communicates itself to the silent observer of such panoramas in an almost poetic softness, despite rigid formations.

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