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The following is an excerpt from the opening speech: “Our exhibition today is about the sounding together. It thematizes color in its fullest splendor. Colors do not only have an effect on our senses and determine our mind. Through colors we can express our joy but also sadness. Colors create associations, direct our perception and attract our attention. It is a sensory impression that is conveyed through the eyes and is caused by light or light rays. A natural phenomenon that can also be produced in a variety of ways. Fact is: in the digital age of the 21st century we live in an increasingly colorful world. In this context, colors help us to decipher complicated relationships and to understand them. Color is not only an instrument to fill shapes, it is itself an actor and repository of perceptions and experiences. The exhibition Symphony of Multicolorism does not want to go into the theory of color or the history of color, but rather strives not only to visualize the diversity, development, power and influence of color, but also to make it tangible. The works of artists Māris Čačka, Per Oscar Jensen, Rocco Indovina and Ralph Hübschmann are intended to support this experience. With their respective very special technique, choice of colors and subject matter, their works address the mind of the viewer and transport him into a colorful world that makes him think and engage with himself and his surroundings.

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